Muppet Meeting Films

Kermit the Frog © Muppets Holding Company, LLC

Jim Henson first began making Muppet Meeting films in 1965 for IBM. They're probably some of the best and least seen work the Muppets have ever done. Each film is 3 - 5 minutes long and provides lessons in salesmanship or corporate creativity with the sort of humor and craziness that the Muppets are best known for.

Think of them as Sesame Street for business people.

One of my favourites, The B.I.G. Plan, makes a point about effective presentations especially well. In it a Muppet named Grump mixes his vacation pictures in to a slide projector while his Boss Leo's B.I.G. (Business Improvement Guaranteed) Plan gets losts in a flurry of wacky acronyms.

Although the film was created long before PowerPoint and laptops entered the boardroom, its point about making presentations is timeless - focus less on lame gimmicks like acronyms and fancy AV and more on conveying real ideas and useful information. Your presentation will be much more effective and you'll avoid an ugly scenario like the one in The Meeting That Would Not Die.

If you'd like to see more Muppet Meeting Films or use them in your next meeting or presentation they're available for preview, rent and purchase via Enterprise Media.