Presentation Zen

I'd like to thank everyone for their encouraging comments and wonderful feedback on the blog so far. I do my best to respond to email promptly but sometimes that's not possible (I get a large volume of it thanks to my other blog).

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like because I'm currently in Mexico and my Internet access is a little touch and go. I was supposed to be returning home this weekend but Hurricane Rita has thrown my travel plans in to limbo so I probably won't be able to post much until I'm back home sometime next week.

`Til then I thought I'd point you towards a couple of interesting of interesting things I read this week - PowerPoint and the Trophy Wife over at Laura Bergells' Maniactive Blog and The Kawasaki Method at Presentation Zen. They both make excellent points about making good presentations.

Go check them both out, you'll be glad you did.